The Tran Family – Palos Verdes Family Portraits

So grateful to have been introduced through one of my other families to this adorable fun loving and photo loving family! This is one of my favorite locations and the yellow wildflowers are only out for a short time every year! I love how the light reflects differently off of them in every direction and how the light changes as it drops. The shoot was not exactly as we planned with little Ally being very attached to mommy and the balloons flying away….and it’s how the parents interacted with their kids to soothe and play with them which to me were the best photos most beautiful photos. So what I love about getting to photograph families!

Tran0001 Tran0002 Tran0003 Tran0004 Tran0005 Tran0006 Tran0007 Tran0008 Tran0009 Tran0010 Tran0011 Tran0012 Tran0013 Tran0014 Tran0015 Tran0016 Tran0017 Tran0018 Tran0019 Tran0020 Tran0021 Tran0022 Tran0023 Tran0024 Tran0025 Tran0026



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