Hi, I'm Kim and I am so glad you are here! I have been a full time photographer for over 14 years. My speciality is making camera shy clients feel comfortable (I relate) and proving the client who says "I'm not photogenic" wrong. Below is a little bit about me and how I got to this place.

Lifestyle & Family Photography

I simply love taking pictures, playing with them and working with my clients create images they can cherish for a lifetime.

I grew up in NYC and graduated from Vassar College. After college I moved back to NYC and became a singer-songwriter. I wrote songs for BMG Music and after a couple of years got signed to DreamWorks Records. Then I released my first album, I moved to Los Angeles, CA. I got to tour all over the country and I even performed on the famous Lilith Tour. I enjoyed it so much that I began documenting my travels and tours with photographs.

When friends of mine invited me to travel through India and Nepal, I bought a new camera and a bunch of film (I know, film!), which enabled me to capture the breathtaking sights. As the trip progressed, I became more and more obsessed with documenting my experience visually. That trip changed my life both spiritually and artistically. When I got back to LA, I knew that I wanted to pursue photography. Even though I was still doing music. I would photograph all my musician friends for their press packs or CD covers.

In between albums, I started working for a wedding photographer named Jeff who specialized in weddings. I soon became hooked. He was an amazing teacher and when he moved to Florida 2 years later in 2005, he left me his phone # and that is how I started my business!

Many years later I find myself still thrilled to take photos of the journey of life which now includes university and food photography besides my lifestyle, portraits, and events photography.

There is no feeling comparable to the excitement of  just walking on a college campus. For many students, it is often their first experience with freedom. Their thirst for knowledge and zest to discover is palpable. What a treat to it is for me to capture.

My amazing kids – Tess and Otis.

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