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Santa Monica Maternity; Santa Monica Newborn Photographer (and LA too!)

There is a calmness and quiet unlike any other in the home of a 1st born newborn baby. You’ve taken off from work and have no other commitments other than taking care of this little one. I prefer coming to your home rather than having you come to my studio as I love using your furnishings and decor as it is so unique to your style. The best time for a newborn photo session if you want some classic “Sleepy Newborn” shots is AS SOON AS POSSIBLE! 5-10 days old if you can – (I want to get them before their schedule flips (so they sleep more during the day) and are not as aware of their surroundings. If you get in touch a few weeks to a month after the baby is born, we can still get lots of great images but the shoot is a bit more “lifestyle” – the classic sleepy newborn photos are not impossible but might take a bit longer. For maternity sessions, I suggest you do the shoot between 32-36 weeks. This is SUCH a fun shoot and believe me, you will WANT these photos! Every mamma to be is very different in terms of style and modesty so we go through and style your session accordingly.

Santa Monica Family Photographer (and LA too!)

There are families I have photographed every year for the last 13 years! There is no formula for family shoots other than having a good time. A typical session will always include some nice portraits where everyone is looking at the camera, different combinations of family members together and lots and lots of candid moments that capture your everyday playfulness. 

 Family sessions can take place anywhere in the Los Angeles area. Some years we will do something more casual and rustic, another year a little more formal, another year at your home with pets. Location is up to you so we will discuss with each session. It’s so much fun to see how much everyone has grown year to year! The length of the session depends on the ages of the kids and their stamina but figure about an hour give or take.

Los Angeles Food Photographer: Santa Monica Food Photographer

I got into food photography entirely as a fluke but I think I’ve picked up a lot of business in the last few years because I like to photograph food like I photograph people – each restaurant and each dish has it’s own personality and my job is to make a dish look beautiful and delicious. Because food is stationary and we shoot in controlled environments, I can do a lot with lighting and styling. I’ve accumulated a ton of props and always go out and get more for each shoot. I love collaborating with my clients to capture their vision – I work with establishments that have been around for years to chef’s who are experimenting and creating new brands.

Santa Monica Mitzvah Photographer (and LA too!)

Turning 13 is pretty cool and becoming a Bar/Bat Mitzvah is a huge accomplishment. I love working with this age group. They are right at the cusp of adulthood yet they still have their innocence. I have so much fun taking personality portraits of each child in addition to their more formal Bima pictures. I also love capturing how the party reflects the Mitzvah’s interests and passions. It’s such a proud joyous day for the parents and I am so thrilled to be able to capture it. Everyone’s photography needs are a little different for Mitzvah’s and I can accommodate any scenario.

Los Angeles University Photographer; University Marketing Photographer

This is also an area of photography I kind of lucked into recently, probably because if I had my way I would just be in school forever. What I do visually for schools runs the gambit. Sometimes, I come and do a few days of campus candids for content, other times we do a day of set up shots for marketing purposes. Often, I will come and take more editorial portraits for magazine articles being written about a student or professor. I just love being back on campus and being privy to all the exciting things going on!

Santa Monica Portrait Photographer (and LA too!)

It never ceases to amaze me how 20 photographers could take a photo from a similar angle of the same subject and each photo would be totally different. It never ceases to amaze me, that if I take 100 frames of a person from the same angle in the same lighting, the subtle difference of a person’s expression will make them look totally different in each frame. It’s simply amazing. One of my greatest joys as a photographer is working one on one with you to create and image of yourself that reflects warmth, passion, strength and intrigue (while also making sure it’s the most flattering, of course!). Whether it’s an environmental portrait for a magazine that needs to be reflective of a story associated with it or a business headshot, it’s an amazing experience to work with you to create compelling images.

Santa Monica Wedding Photographer & Santa Monica Engagement Photographer (and LA too!)

Photographing weddings is where I started in photography and it will always be my first love. The adrenaline rush, the romance and the bringing together of two families is a pure joy to capture. I’ve always been about making sure my clients are having an amazing day and at the same time capturing beautiful images for them. 

 I’ve probably photographed close to every culture of wedding – Catholic Weddings, Muslim Weddings, Sikh Weddings, Hindu Weddings, Mexican Weddings, Chinese Weddings, Korean Weddings, Persian Weddings, Armenian Weddings, Wikka Weddings, Orthodox Jewish Weddings …., I’ve even done a Harreh Krishna wedding! I really love them all and I’m so thankful to have had exposure to so many different cultures! Every wedding is totally different and every couple is totally different so I love catering the wedding day and the photography to your needs and personality. You might be a little nervous on your wedding day and I love coming in and help calming the nerves. I’ve been so blessed to have photographed hundreds of weddings in the Los Angeles area and beyond.

Santa Monica Event Photographer (and LA too!)

It’s so interesting, when I first started photographing events in Los Angeles over a decade ago, my clients really focused on the “money shots” which were usually groups of people posed or receiving an award, etc…. Now, in contrast, my clients are much more focused on capturing the vibe and energy of an event – from people mingling or being engaged at a lecture, to interacting with one another to the small details. This makes capturing an event a much more creative venture for me and where my skills can really shine. (But, don’t worry, I always get the group shots too!).

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