Neha and Rupen’s Wedding – Los Angeles Indian Wedding Photographer

Such an honor to photograph 2 weddings for 2 beautiful sisters in one year!  I had the pleasure of meeting Neha and Rupen at her sisters Hema’s wedding over the summer.  Originally, when I met with Hema, she thought that she and her sister might have a double wedding.  ThoughtI wasn’t sure of the status when Hema’s wedding arrived, I was so thrilled that Neha called me because her sister had been so happy with her photos!  This wedding took place on Thanksgiving weekend (yes, just a tad behind on blogging) and I can’t tell you how happy I was to be eating vegetarian Indian food instead of stuffing my face with turkey and stuffing (I ate so much Indian Food, however over the 3 days that I did pack on some pounds!).

The Patel family is such an incredible joy to work with and it has been an honor being able to celebrate these happy occasions with them.  The Diamond Bar Center is an AMAZINGLY beautiful venue.  Unfortunately, the rain landed the ceremony and baraat indoors….but I was so thrilled that we at least got to do some romantics outside with perfect overcast skies to view the landscape.  Neha, who had literally gotten 15 minutes of sleep the night before her wedding day because of a very wild Garba the night before, still managed to look full of life.

Yogi Patel from Sheer Romance did an incredible job of moving everything inside and making the stage look incredible.  It was an honor to finally work with him!

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