Luciana Souza – Los Angeles Portrait Photographer

I want to thank my fabulous musician client Ben Wendel of Kneebody fame for referring me to Luciana.  If you don’t know who she is, you must find out at once! Luciana is a Grammy award winning Jazz singer who sings like an angel.  After telling me over and over again how unphotogenic she is, I finally got to prove her completely wrong – Ummmm, super comfortable in front of a camera!  I relate deeply to self deprecation of any kind, which which just made me love her. And, of course, we are both moms of elementary school children, so we had PLENTY to gab about! Can’t wait for her new album out in the spring. If you are wondering about all the hats….Leonard Cohen gave her a poem to write music to called “Straw Hats”….did you hear me? Leonard Cohen gave her a poem! Wow.  So fun working again with Kat Lasky (always incredible makeup) and Catherine Asanov and her super cool studio.

LS019 LS024 LS025 LS032 LS026 LS034 LS042 LS052 LS048 LS114 LS153  LS015  LS008


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