Katie and Michael – SLS Hotel Wedding

Katie and Michael were referred to me by the ultra fabulous Allyson Levine from Bob Gail Events.  I am SO grateful that she introduced me to this wonderful couple.  I just realized that I probably got so busy I didn’t blog their e shoot (need to do now….so awesome!).  But I had such a wonderful time hanging with them and this wedding was fabulous.  It’s always such a thrill to shoot at the SLS…for very obvious reasons.   The coolness will speak for itself!

Coordinator: Allyson Levine, Bob Gail Events
Hair: Trina Duarte, The Studio Agency
Make-Up: Cathryn Van Breene, The Studio Agency
Rabbi: Rabbi Joel Rembaum
Videogapher: Charles Lauren
Venue: The SLS Hotel

KMBlog001 KMBlog002 KMBlog003 KMBlog004 KMBlog005 KMBlog006 KMBlog007 KMBlog008


KMBlog010 KMBlog011
KMBlog013 KMBlog014 KMBlog015 KMBlog016 KMBlog017 KMBlog018 KMBlog019 KMBlog020 KMBlog021 KMBlog022 KMBlog023 KMBlog024 KMBlog025 KMBlog026 KMBlog027 KMBlog028 KMBlog029 KMBlog030 KMBlog031 KMBlog032 KMBlog033 KMBlog034 KMBlog035 KMBlog036 KMBlog037 KMBlog038 KMBlog039 KMBlog040 KMBlog041 KMBlog042 KMBlog043 KMBlog044 KMBlog045 KMBlog046 KMBlog047 KMBlog048 KMBlog049 KMBlog050 KMBlog051 KMBlog052 KMBlog053 KMBlog054 KMBlog055 KMBlog056 KMBlog057 KMBlog058 KMBlog059 KMBlog060 KMBlog061 KMBlog062 KMBlog063


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