Gabby and Michael’s Vintage Inspired Wedding – Ovaitt Penthouse Wedding

I only met Gabby and Michael once but I instantly dug them and Knew that their wedding would be super hip.  It had been a while since I had photographed at the Oviatt and it is just SUCH A BLAST to shoot there, again. Check out their amazing rice crispy cake!

GM02 GM01 GM03 GM04 GM05 GM06 GM07 GM08 GM09 GM15 GM16 GM17 GM11 GM12 GM13 GM14 GM78 GM19 GM20 GM21 GM22 GM23 GM24 GM25 GM26 GM27 GM28 GM29 GM30 GM31 GM32 GM33 GM34 GM35 GM36 GM37 GM38   GM41 GM42 GM43 GM44 GM45 GM46 GM47 GM49 GM53 GM54 GM56 GM55 GM57 GM58 GM48 GM50 GM51 GM52 GM60 GM61 GM63 GM64 GM65 GM66 GM67 GM68 GM69 GM70 GM71 GM72 GM73 GM74 GM75 GM76 GM77 GM78


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