Baby Andrew – Los Angeles Newborn Photography

Among my over 30 holiday shoots that I can’t blog until after the holidays for fear of blowing the surprise off of anyone’s card ;-), this little guy was born and so thankful that his folks called me to capture his arrival! This house had amazing light and Rich and Vanessa have such impeccable decorative taste I was being really annoying asking them where they got everything. The carriage that Andrew is in was actually his dad’s when he was a a baby! Amazing. They should rent it for shoots! As always, the pets (the first children) were out in full force!

Andrew01 Andrew02 Andrew03 Andrew04 Andrew05 Andrew06 Andrew07 Andrew08 Andrew09 Andrew10 Andrew11 Andrew12 Andrew13 Andrew14 Andrew15 Andrew16 Andrew17 Andrew18 Andrew19 Andrew20 Andrew21 Andrew22 Andrew23 Andrew24


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