Mariela and Jesus – Santa Monica Engagement Shoot

What I thought was going to be a low key engagement shoot turned out to be an amazing production with 3 outfit changes, a video crew, their daughter and a few more extended family! This is just what I love about this job…you absolutely never know what to expect. I adored Mariela and Jesus from our first meeting but I could not have been more thrilled with how amazingly photogenic they are! Aaahhhhh, makes my job so easy. Also, too funny to learn at the end of the shoot that Jesus is in the film business (creative side) as well. Though I always rise to the challenge (ha, ha….), I would have been extra nervous!

MJ01 MJ02 MJ03 MJ04 MJ05 MJ06 MJ07 MJ08 MJ09 MJ10 MJ11 MJ12 MJ13 MJ14 MJ15 MJ16 MJ17 MJ18 MJ19 MJ20 MJ21


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